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Comsols is a privately owned establishment since October 2010 with Mr. Inderjeet Singh Malhotra and Mrs. Surjeet Kaur as its partners. Comsols is both the name and the idea behind the company- Communication Solutions.

A Multinational assemblage where knowledge and information related work is carried out by a different company or subsidiary within the same organization which involves high-value work carried out by highly skilled staff, for example research, development, analysis and consultancy and handles all the Back Office Operations of Wireless Stores spread across the East Coast and the West Coast in Northern America. The overall Strength of the Organization is close to 70 employees with the aim to build its empire and expand its horizons of growth in order to advance towards progress in the upcoming years. This is a perfect place to Share knowledge

True to its motto – “Perfection Delivered” – the Comsols Group provides the highest level of service and offering an excellent service orientated approach in addressing Distributions and solutions, with a comprehensive guarantee of satisfaction.


Gain organizational visibility.Enhance quality and performance management

Improve operational efficiency.

Meet service goals.Streamline processes and help ensure consistency and compliance.